E-Banking – login

Welcome to the new UBS Digital Banking

If you have a previous E-Banking contract that starts with "0", the devices of access to the E-Banking service will remain the same (access card and card reader).
However, your contract number will change: it will be sufficient to replace the first digit “0” with the digits “81” to obtain your new contract number
(the new number will therefore have 8 digits and no longer 7 as in the past).

Example: old contract number 0000123 - new contract number 81000123

In case your contract number starts with "81" you can use it without needing changes.

For any questions or requests for support, please contact your Client Advisor or our online support service (active 24 hours a day) at the following numbers:

800 355 357 (toll free number)
+39 02 7626 5585 (for calls from outside Italy)


Please be aware that, due to an update necessary to improve our software, the service will not be available from

Saturday 12 June at 17.30 to
Sunday 13 June at 10.00.

As soon as the update is completed, you will have full access to our services again.

Thank you for your understanding